A clean kitchen significantly impacts staff morale and mood. For a thoroughly cleaned and maintained kitchen every day of the week, look no further than Dust ’Til Dawn. Our Office Kitchen Cleaning ensures your office remains healthy and clean.


Dust ’til Dawn is an independently owned Toronto business that is proud to offer the best office kitchen cleaning in Toronto. Whether your office spreads over several floors or thousands of square feet, you need reliable office kitchen cleaning to keep your lunch rooms clean and looking great. As cleaning requirements vary from client to client, we provide bespoke cleaning and maintenance tailored to the needs of your business. Therefore, whether your office has visitors and clients walking in and out all day, or houses a team of dedicated staff, with Dust ’til Dawn kitchen cleaning and office cleaning, you can trust that your kitchen, lunch rooms and break rooms will be spotless and professional every day of the week. 

We pride ourselves on honest and professional cleaning services. Each member of our team of cleaners are licensed bonded and insured so you can breathe easy and focus on your business. Our professional window cleaning services can be included with each office or commercial cleaning package with Dust ‘Til Dawn. For more information on our cleaning packages give us a call at (416) 519-3420 or fill out our contact form today

office kitchen cleaning
office kitchen cleaning


Dust ’til Dawn is proud to offer our clients with a complete list of business and office kitchen cleaning services. These services include: 

• Window cleaning
• Complete floor maintenance
• Dusting of surfaces, ledges, and items
• Disinfecting door handles and phones
• Complete kitchen cleaning
• Complete washroom cleaning and restocking 
• Wiping external cabinets, counters and appliances
• & many more

Furthermore, at Dust ‘Til Dawn, we offer thorough quarterly deep cleans of your entire office to ensure that even the tightest of corners are spotless. Whether you need cleaning twice a week, five times a week or even seven times a week, our team of highly trained cleaners are available the minute you call.

We even water your plants and feed your fish!


A clean and tidy kitchen promotes cleanliness and health in the workplace. With Dust ‘Til Dawn’s kitchen cleaning services, you don’t have to worry about the lingering smell of chemicals masking the scent of your lunch, or negatively affecting your staff’s health. Our professional cleaners use only natural, environmentally friendly Green Alternatives that leave no harmful chemical residues or unpleasant odours. Therefore, you can breathe and eat easily with Dust ’til Dawn’s additional co-friendly office kitchen cleaning services. With our eco-friendly cleaning, you guarantee a clean, safe and healthy environment every time.

For eco-friendly office kitchen cleaning services, give us a call at (416) 519-3420 or fill out our contact form today.  We’ll help you pick the best cleaning package that combines business and office cleaning and office kitchen cleaning.

office kitchen cleaning

For the best Office Kitchen Cleaning in Toronto, look no further than Dust 'til Dawn

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